How to Choose the Best Pet Hair Removers for Clothes

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If you are owning any mammal other than Sphynx cat or a naked mole rat in your home, you can get pet fur in your home as well as on your clothes. In order to determine a pet lover and the color of their pet through the hair clinging to their clothes.

First, you need to prevent your pet from excessive shedding. There are some effective ways to lessen your own personal fur. Check out this article to learn how to choose the best pet hair removers for clothes.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Pet Hair Remover Tool


We can love to pay a lot of money for our cat, but we still have a budget. There is a difference between various types of products. They are $6.49 to $39.95. If you want to get an affordable choice, you can choose the rubber mitt. If you want, you can also purchase additional sticky paper from time to time for a cheaper remover.


Some products are able to last longer while others can’t. In terms of durability, all manufacturers claim their product is able to last for years. In order to know if how long the product can last, you have to read what regular people say. Next, you need to also concentrate on the brand. If there is a brand, you can trust it then go with it.


You should only use various pet hair removers for the extraction of hair from some places. Your furry friend can leave his hair on many different pieces of furniture, carpets, and clothes. Therefore, you need to choose a product that comes with complete functionality to remove it all. Then, it’s important to pay attention to what exactly you need to remove from those surfaces.

A classic pet hair roller is a great solution for eliminating small batches of hair in a short time. That’s why you should get one by the door. It’s perfect for every time you see pet hair on your clothes when going out.

You also need to consider the classic rollers. For them, you usually need to keep buying refills and if you hate doing that, you will have to purchase a different product.

Easily Remove Pet Fur From Clothes

You can use an anti-static spray in order to decrease static cling on clothes. For example, you can use Static Guard on clothes in order to loosen the hair. Also, you remove pet hair with ease when using a brush or lint roller.

The fur-covered item should be put in a clothes dryer on a low heat cycle. At the same time, you need to tumble until slightly damp. Don’t forget to remove the clothes from the dryer. Then, use the sticky lint roller in order to eliminate the remaining fur.

If you want to get rid of pet fur from woolen clothes covered with fur, you should use a clothes steamer before using the clothes brush. For this, you can also hang your woolen clothes in a steamy bathroom. Then, you can easily brush pet hair away from your clothes.

It’s also a good idea to use sticky clothes roller to remove pet hair. If you don’t have a sticky clothes roller, you can also use some sturdy packing tape. Then, wrap them around your hand. Remember to keep the sticky side out.

You can also use some dishwashing gloves under your kitchen sink to remove pet hair from clothes. The thing you need to do is just to dampen the dishwashing gloves and rub them over your clothes.

Get Rid of Pet Fur on Upholstery

In order to remove pet hair on upholstery, it’s best to start by vacuuming with the upholstery tool. You need to empty the vacuum bag frequently in order to maintain your vacuum as much suction as possible.

Next, use an anti-static spray to spray the fabric. Use a microfiber cloth to brush the upholstery. For this, you can also use a rubber-edged squeegee or cellulose sponge.

Last, once more vacuum and end up with a sticky lint roller. We recommend you to use the Evercare Mega Pet Floor Roller that is one of the best sticky rollers for upholstery. It has a width of 10 inches. Also, it comes with an adjustable handle reaching up to 42 inches. Therefore, it’s perfect for reaching every corner as well as the backs of upholstered furniture.


If you are having a pet in your home, a pet hair remover is needed for you. Most of the pet hair removers are pretty cheap, so getting one shouldn’t be a problem. However, it’s not easy for all to choose the right one. Indeed, you will have to do a lot of research. First, you have to know what you are going for. Hope our tips above are useful for you, and they can help you narrow down your option among a variety of choices out there.