Gfood Truck Lounge

good food * great service

Introducing Gfood

G food is a company featuring mobile food options for the young high tech community and anyone else who wants to enjoy what we offer. "G" stands for Good, Great, Greatest.

  • Good Food – variety, International Cuisine
  • Great Service – on site table service, lounge experience
  • Greatest Experience – clean, safe, comfortable

How is Gfood different?

  • G food will be a Food Truck Lounge featuring top food trucks specializing in a wide range of global cuisine.
  • Great Locations: First location at 431 2nd Street between Bryant and Harrision street, in the heart of SOMA startup environment.
  • Great Experience: Add lounge experience in night with bar, tastefully decorated location.
  • Attract crowd: Working with a marketing agency, Mingle Media, to ensure regular draw of customers, open at rush times like breakfast, lunch.
  • Tech community focus: Experience designed with the community in mind, starting from location and extending to experience.

Gfood Team

Manish Panjiar - Partner

Executive with 18 years of experience in business, strategy and operations.

Monish Bhatia - Partner

Successful entrepreneur with years of experience in business, strategy and operations.

Alok Dutt - Partner

Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in service industry in various roles. Passionate about providing great experience.

Specifics of the space

  • Space : 4000 sq ft area
  • Capacity : 100 – 200 people standing & Up to 80 people sitting
  • Food & Drinks
  • TV, Audio, Heating
  • Private restroom
  • Access to meeting / presentation room before networking party (Use the event space of Halls)
  • Pricing Packages based on our experience so far (Space, drinks, food) etc
  • 45 different kinds of food trucks

Gfood's offering

Great Location & Amenities

  • Right in the heart of SOMA near the intersection of 2nd and Harrison "Under the Bridge
  • Lounge setting, live entertainment and other great


  • Right in the heart of SOMA near the intersection of 2nd and Harrison "Under the Bridge
  • Lounge setting, live entertainment and other great

Unique Experience

  • Music – Can select music
  • Can be a sports bar ambience – Giants game, 49enrs, etc
  • Unique space – outdoor with food trucks : picnic ambience

Good for business meetings/trainings, creative events and social networking events, speaker series, seminars, food and wine events, and other types of retail and product gatherings including media events.

Operational detail

  • Open Monday to Saturday
  • Breakfast 7:00 am – 10:00 am
  • Lunch 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Private events in the evening from 4:00 pm onwards
  • Cancellation Fee : $50 – if we can resell the slot else
    $100 – to be deducted room the deposit.
  • If you come later that the assigned times for slots, there would be a cancellation fee as well.

Features to Market

G Food Lounge

• Focus on Lounge Like settings, instead of food tr uck park

• The upgrades make it a good ambience. (Gree n grass, furnishing)


• 45 different kinds of food trucks (Indian, Pizza, H amburger, Peruvian, Korean, Japanese, Chines e, Caribbean, Mexican, BBQ, Sea Food, Middle Eastern etc)


• In heart of SoMa, right next to offices and Mosc Locations one center


• 500-600 people come every day for lunches with the appeal to both blue collar and white collar community because of its uniqueness.


• To give an exclusive experience for your com pany events, there is a steep prices associate d with it.

Unique Experience

• Ideal place to setup product demos and priv ate spaces for invited guests to interact with y our products followed by networking events..

G Food Lounge

Photos of past events

Event Structure

Options of 2-4 trucks

Selected by G Food based on criterion and parameters.
(Prices are higher when client selects the trucks.)

Beer and wine options

TTV screens and Music choices

Flexibility to set the place up

Options of an internal place

(for presentations, meet-ups , product demos etc.)

Indoor party after 10:00 pm.

Gfood Truck Lounge

good food * great service