How to Make Flourless Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (Recipe)

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Yay, it’s finally Christmas week!  Does anyone else feel like Christmas spirit is going to be waayyy up this year since Christmas is on a Sunday?  I mean, we have the entire week to soak it all up!  You can wear Christmas socks all week, listen to holiday music at all hours of the day, watch Home Alone on repeat, and stick red and green M&M’s in your peanut butter sandwiches…. hmm, just me on that last one, maybe?  Sorry, I may be writing this on a cookie-fueled sugar high…

I think I’m more excited for Christmas Eve than Christmas.  I decided that we should do a themed Christmas Eve this year just to change things up, so we’re having a Mexican Christmas Eve… Feliz Navidad!  

Besides guacamole and salsa and green & red tortilla chips, I’m not really sure what our Feliz Navidad meal is going to consist of yet.  I need your help!  If you have any good Mexican main or side dishes, link them in the comments or email me, please!  I will repay you in delicious cookie recipes.

Fittingly, I’ve got a Mexican-ish cookie for you today!  Ever since my dissatisfaction with cinnamon M&M’s, I’ve had chocolate and cinnamon on the mind, so I decided to make these flourless Mexican hot chocolate cookies!  So soft they literally melt in your mouth… chock full of quality cocoa, subtly spiced with cinnamon and (optional!) chile powder… yes, they are as good as they sound.  Best served with a cup of… Mexican hot chocolate!

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