{I Bleed Orange} Blood Orange Chobani Cookies

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Close runner-up to the above cookie recipe names:  ”Let’s CHO Orange” Cookies. 

I mention my interest in Syracuse basketball occasionally here on the blog, but probably do a poor job of conveying just how interested I am… basically, like 99% of Central NY natives, Syracuse basketball pretty much runs straight through my veins.  I bleed orange.

In case you don’t follow college basketball… Syracuse has been #1 in the nation for five straight weeks.  Which, in addition to making for an extra thrilling January, also makes getting dressed for games much easier.  I’ve sported a “We’re #1″ shirt six games in a row now and, in recent developments, am now afraid to wash it.  Yep, I’m one of those fans.  You better believe I’m knocking on wood as I share these festive cookies with you.

A few weeks ago, in the spirit of the (basketball) season, I had the idea to make an orange-flavored cookie.  Then, when I saw that Chobani — who also calls CNY home — had rolled out one of its newest flavors, blood orange, I knew I had to incorporate the good stuff into the cookies.  They’d be… I bleed orange cookies.

I’ll admit, I’d never had a blood orange before I tried the new Chobani flavor, and actually still have yet to try the deep red oranges.  But if that tangy yogurt is any indication of what a blood orange is like… call me their soon-to-be #1 fan.  Citrus explosion!  Yum.

Candy melts aren’t just for cake pops (or frozen cake batter pops, for that matter).  Stuff ‘em in cookie dough!  They’ll be all… melty… and you’ll never ever want to stop eating cookies.

Just make sure you chant “Let’s CHO Orange” a few times while you eat them.

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