Marathon Cookies

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Late last week, as I sat thinking about my next chocolate chip cookie idea, a little lightbulb went off.  Excited about my idea, I told myself I could only allow it to come to life if I crossed the finish line at the NYC marathon.  Well, I did that…

So, then I did this (I hope you’re inching toward the edge of your seat)…

To celebrate my first marathon, I’ve created the ultimate marathon cookie.  As in, a cookie with twenty-six ingredients.  One ingredient for each and every mile.  Like a marathon, this creation wasn’t easy.  My struggle to come up with ingredients 20-26 made me laugh — if you’ve completed a marathon, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

My sister questioned whether a cookie with more than two dozen ingredients would be edible.  Oh, they’re not just edible — they’re incredible. 😉  I was extremely selective with the ingredients to ensure no clashing of flavors.  I also chose ingredients that really represent my diet as a runner.  Lots of nutritious ingredients like chia seeds, dates, and dried cranberries.  And a few indulgent items for sanity’s sake.  The result is a dense, chewy cookie that takes your taste buds on a little journey similar to what your legs experience over twenty-six miles.   But unlike the latter, I promise you will be able to walk down stairs pain-free after eating one of these cookies.

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