Smarties Cookies

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Woohoo, it’s already Thursday!  All in favor of the four-day work week, say I!  Actually, I’m a bit spoiled by the fact that Thursday is sort of like Friday for me, since I don’t have classes on Fridays.  But something tells me hours upon hours of reading and writing offsets that fact.  Anywho…

In juggling school, moving, etc., I still owe you a few final posts on my summer trip to Europe — including a tour of my own personal Disneyworld, Switzerland! — but while we wait, I thought I’d share these cookies with you, which I made with one of my favorite candies I brought back from my trip — Smarties!

My sister introduced me to Smarties years ago, which are Nestle’s oh-so-crisp-and-delicious version of an M&M… you can find them all of Europe, as well as Canada and Australia.  I snacked on them while walked everywhere around London during the Olympics (speaking of, how awesome is my Olympics oven glove?!), and made sure to bring some back with me to the US.

It should come as no surprise to you that a few of these little candies made their way into my kitchen and ended up in a chewy, delicious sugar cookie.

If you’ve ever had an M&M’s sugar cookie, these are just like those, except a billion times tastier because they have Smarties in them instead of M&Ms.

Does anyone know where I can find Smarties in the US?!  I might just need to take another trip back to the UK to stock up.

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