How to Make Toffee Oatmeal Blondies (Recipe)

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I’m really starting to wonder why brownies always get the spotlight when it comes to dessert bars.  Because if I’m being honest, I think blondies are where it’s at.  Especially when you involve oatmeal and milk chocolate toffee bits.

I actually made these blondies right before I left New York last month — I tried to leave my dad with a stash of desserts. :)  But I managed to steal one of my own, and let me tell you, this recipe is a keeper.

Per the semi-usual, I replace half the butter with Greek yogurt, which made for a softer, more cake-like consistency that a regular blondie.  You could totally swap the yogurt for an all-butter recipe, but I may not want to associate myself with you anymore.  Just kidding. ;)

Both the oatmeal and the milk chocolate toffee bits give the blondies a lot of chewiness and texture.  If you want to up the chocolate taste, you could add some chocolate chips as well.  *Or* you could use plain toffee bits and toss in some cinnamon chips.  Just giving you lots of options!

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