How to make Pecan Sandies (Recipe)

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Hello from Florida!  After overnights earlier in the week in Richmond and Savannah, I’m now settling into life in the Florida panhandle, minus all of my belongings, which I should hopefully be reunited with next week.  Until then I’m sleeping on the floor, dining on paper plates, and trying not to make a mess since my vacuum is on the moving truck.  Oh, the joys of moving long distance.

Since my kitchen is currently void of any baking sheets or mixing bowls, I did a little planning ahead last week — I baked a batch of pecan sandies.  I think my move to the South is the perfect time to share a recipe with pecans, right?

Speaking of pecans, everyone should eat pralines at least once in their lifetime.  I just tasted them in Savannah the other day for the first time, so good!  It’s probably good for my health that Savannah is a few hours away from me.  Anyway…

I’ve never made pecan sandies before, but I remember eating Keebler pecan sandies growing up, and my mom tells me my grandma used to love pecan sandies, so I feel like they’re a cookie I should start baking more often.  Especially now that I’m a girl in the South.

This particular recipe uses part butter/part Chobani Greek yogurt (because really, what don’t I make with Chobani?), but you could certainly use all butter if you’d like a more rich cookie.  Just don’t skimp on the pecans, and roast them if you can — it gives the cookies so much depth!

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