How to Make Orange Cooler Cookies (Recipe)

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I don’t know about you, but I seem to change my opinion quite frequently when it comes to favorite fruits.  I blame the seasons — summer is all about berries and melon, in the fall apples and pears are my favorite fruits ever, and in the winter months, it’s all about citrus.  Oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes, and don’t forget those little clementines.

This year I’ve really embraced citrus season (I suppose living in Florida will do that to a person!)… particularly, oranges.  And even though oranges are just about perfect in their natural state, I couldn’t help but bring their fresh and zesty flavor into these tiny orange cooler cookies.

If you’ve ever had a lemon cooler cookie, these are basically lemon cooler cookies, with orange instead of lemon.  Duh, I know.

I’ve made orange flavored cookies before , but I think these little gems are my favorite orange cookie to date.   They are really simple — not only from a preparation perspective but also ingredient wise — which allows the flavor of the orange to shine.

By adding two whole tablespoons of cornstarch, these cookies basically melt in your mouth because of how soft the cornstarch allows them to be.

When it comes to coating your cookies with the powdered sugar after they bake, the trick is to allow the cookies to cool enough that they won’t completely absorb the powdered sugar — you want the sugar to sort of “hang” on the cookie.  For me, this meant about 10 minutes.  My advice is to start with just a few, see if they’re cool enough, and go from there.

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