{Scoooop} Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Cups (Recipe)

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Quick!  Think of your favorite sports teams.  Now think of your favorite players.  They’re pretty darn awesome, right?  I think my favorite athletes are so awesome that they deserve their own desserts named after them.  So what did I do this past Saturday, when one of my favorite Syracuse basketball players was playing at the Carrier Dome for the last time?  I made little vanilla cookie cups in his honor, of course.

I’m guessing you’re not quite as obsessed interested with Syracuse basketball as I am, so I have to explain myself a bit.  For the past 5 years, Scoop Jardine has been a part of the Syracuse basketball team (he redshirted one year).  He got the nickname “Scoop” as a child because his grandma thought his head was shaped like an ice cream scoop.   Not surprisingly, Scoop’s name is a huge hit with fans — when he makes a shot, what sounds like thousands of fans booing is really a celebratory “Scoooooop!!”

Being the marketing-minded girl I am, I’ve always felt they should have a “Scoops for Scoop” promotion where fans get a free scoop of ice cream if Scoop scores xx points in a game, but well, that never happened.  So with it being Cookie March Madness and all, I finally took matters into my own hands and made these mini vanilla ice cream cookie cups to celebrate Scoop!

I added orange gel food coloring to a very vanilla cookie dough before scooping it into mini muffin cups.  Once baked, I used a little cookie scoop (a melon baller would also work) to scoop out the top of the cookie, then filled it with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Scoops for Scoop!

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