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Veggies & Fruits Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

In fact, fruits and vegetables are healthy for not only us but also our pets. That’s why many owners choose to share their food with their dogs. But, not all vegetables and fruits are good for your dog. Indeed, there are some toxic fruits and vegetables for your dog. So, it’s important to make your plan to share some snacks with your pup. Here is the list of some common veggies and fruit you shouldn’t feed your dog.

Grapes & Raisins

Actually, grapes and raisins are toxic to your dog. But, some dogs can be able to eat grapes and raisins without symptoms. But, it’s not worth the risk.If you feed your dog grapes and raisins, he may get irreversible kidney damage.That’s why you should keep these veggies far out of reach of your pup.

Onions & Garlic

Some people think that feeding their dog onions and garlic is beneficial. But, the fact is that garlic is even more toxic than onions. Indeed, both onions and garlic can be able to cause serious problems for your dog. There are some common symptoms of elevated heart, lethargy, pale gums, respiratory rates, and collapse as well.


Cherries have many different types. All of them are popular snack foods. The reason is that they are really delicious. In fact, your dog can eat the pup of the fruit. But, avoid feeding him the plant and pit. They are very toxic to him. Indeed, they can cause respiratory failure and death. They are toxic because they contain cyanide. So, keep your dog far from cherry plants. And you just can feed him the pulp instead.


Not all species of mushrooms are toxic to your dog. But, it’s important to make sure you don’t feed your dog the wrong ones. If you can’t determine a mushroom species quickly, it’s time to take your dog to your vet after feeding him mushrooms. Toxic mushrooms can be able to kill your dog. In addition, they can cause tremors, seizures, and organ failure as well.


Like grapes and raisins, currants are also toxic to your dog. But, they have the same level of severe toxicity. If you see your dog have some problems after eating currants as vomiting and diarrhea, it’s important to visit your vet immediately. In fact, they can be able to cause severe renal failure.

Raw & Green Potatoes

The fact is that potatoes often are found in the quality food for dogs. On the contrary, raw, green, and unripe ones are toxic to your dog. Moreover, these potatoes are also toxic to humans too. There are some common symptoms when you feed your dog potato toxicity such as vomiting, nausea, heart irregularities, and seizures.


The leaves, seeds, and stems of apricot plants are not good for your dog like cherries. You just should feed your dog the pulp of the fruit. This gives him no ill effects. On the contrary, any other parts of the plant contain cyanide. So, they can cause your dog respiratory failure and death.


This is a delicious vegetable for humans, but you shouldn’t give it to your dog. It’s not good for your dog because of the leaves and stems of rhubarb can be able to reduce the calcium levels in his body. In addition, rhubarb is also a cause of renal failure and other medical problems.

Apple Seeds

Apple is one of the safe fruits for your dog. But, it’s important to feed your dog with care. Indeed, apple seeds are toxic to your dog because they contain cyanide. Your dog can eat anything he sees, including apple seeds. So, make sure that you don’t let your dog eat too many apples into your produce basket. If you still want to feed him them as a snack, it’s best to no feed him the core of apples.

Tomato Plants

In fact, the actual red tomato can give us benefits. But, the plant is toxic. Indeed, if you let your dog eat the leaves and stems of the tomato plant, he may suffer from gastrointestinal upset. In addition, the unripened fruit is also toxic. Although your dog has to be fed quite a bit of the plant, it’s best to keep him far away from these plants.


Adding fruits & vegetables can be a great way to rev up your dog’s diet. Moreover, your dog surely loves fruit and vegetables.Many of the fruits and vegetables we can share with our pet. But, some of them are dangerous.The thing you need to do is looking for healthy choices for your dog. In this article, we’ve listed the veggies and fruit you should avoid. Instead, you can choose fruits such as mangoes, oranges, and bananas. They are great for your dog’s diet.

Pecan Sandies

Hello from Florida!  After overnights earlier in the week in Richmond and Savannah, I’m now settling into life in the Florida panhandle, minus all of my belongings, which I should hopefully be reunited with next week.  Until then I’m sleeping on the floor, dining on paper plates, and trying not to make a mess since my vacuum is on the moving truck.  Oh, the joys of moving long distance.

Since my kitchen is currently void of any baking sheets or mixing bowls, I did a little planning ahead last week — I baked a batch of pecan sandies.  I think my move to the South is the perfect time to share a recipe with pecans, right?

Speaking of pecans, everyone should eat pralines at least once in their lifetime.  I just tasted them in Savannah the other day for the first time, so good!  It’s probably good for my health that Savannah is a few hours away from me.  Anyway…

I’ve never made pecan sandies before, but I remember eating Keebler pecan sandies growing up, and my mom tells me my grandma used to love pecan sandies, so I feel like they’re a cookie I should start baking more often.  Especially now that I’m a girl in the South.

This particular recipe uses part butter/part Chobani Greek yogurt (because really, what don’t I make with Chobani?), but you could certainly use all butter if you’d like a more rich cookie.  Just don’t skimp on the pecans, and roast them if you can — it gives the cookies so much depth!

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Orange Cooler Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I seem to change my opinion quite frequently when it comes to favorite fruits.  I blame the seasons — summer is all about berries and melon, in the fall apples and pears are my favorite fruits ever, and in the winter months, it’s all about citrus.  Oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes, and don’t forget those little clementines.

This year I’ve really embraced citrus season (I suppose living in Florida will do that to a person!)… particularly, oranges.  And even though oranges are just about perfect in their natural state, I couldn’t help but bring their fresh and zesty flavor into these tiny orange cooler cookies.

If you’ve ever had a lemon cooler cookie, these are basically lemon cooler cookies, with orange instead of lemon.  Duh, I know.

I’ve made orange flavored cookies before (here ), but I think these little gems are my favorite orange cookie to date.   They are really simple — not only from a preparation perspective but also ingredient wise — which allows the flavor of the orange to shine.

By adding two whole tablespoons of cornstarch, these cookies basically melt in your mouth because of how soft the cornstarch allows them to be.

When it comes to coating your cookies with the powdered sugar after they bake, the trick is to allow the cookies to cool enough that they won’t completely absorb the powdered sugar — you want the sugar to sort of “hang” on the cookie.  For me, this meant about 10 minutes.  My advice is to start with just a few, see if they’re cool enough, and go from there.

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{Scoooop} Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Cups

Quick!  Think of your favorite sports teams.  Now think of your favorite players.  They’re pretty darn awesome, right?  I think my favorite athletes are so awesome that they deserve their own desserts named after them.  So what did I do this past Saturday, when one of my favorite Syracuse basketball players was playing at the Carrier Dome for the last time?  I made little vanilla cookie cups in his honor, of course.

I’m guessing you’re not quite as obsessed interested with Syracuse basketball as I am, so I have to explain myself a bit.  For the past 5 years, Scoop Jardine has been a part of the Syracuse basketball team (he redshirted one year).  He got the nickname “Scoop” as a child because his grandma thought his head was shaped like an ice cream scoop.   Not surprisingly, Scoop’s name is a huge hit with fans — when he makes a shot, what sounds like thousands of fans booing is really a celebratory “Scoooooop!!”

Being the marketing-minded girl I am, I’ve always felt they should have a “Scoops for Scoop” promotion where fans get a free scoop of ice cream if Scoop scores xx points in a game, but well, that never happened.  So with it being Cookie March Madness and all, I finally took matters into my own hands and made these mini vanilla ice cream cookie cups to celebrate Scoop!

I added orange gel food coloring to a very vanilla cookie dough before scooping it into mini muffin cups.  Once baked, I used a little cookie scoop (a melon baller would also work) to scoop out the top of the cookie, then filled it with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Scoops for Scoop!

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Flourless Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Yay, it’s finally Christmas week!  Does anyone else feel like Christmas spirit is going to be waayyy up this year since Christmas is on a Sunday?  I mean, we have the entire week to soak it all up!  You can wear Christmas socks all week, listen to holiday music at all hours of the day, watch Home Alone on repeat, and stick red and green M&M’s in your peanut butter sandwiches…. hmm, just me on that last one, maybe?  Sorry, I may be writing this on a cookie-fueled sugar high…

I think I’m more excited for Christmas Eve than Christmas.  I decided that we should do a themed Christmas Eve this year just to change things up, so we’re having a Mexican Christmas Eve… Feliz Navidad!  

Besides guacamole and salsa and green & red tortilla chips, I’m not really sure what our Feliz Navidad meal is going to consist of yet.  I need your help!  If you have any good Mexican main or side dishes, link them in the comments or email me, please!  I will repay you in delicious cookie recipes.

Fittingly, I’ve got a Mexican-ish cookie for you today!  Ever since my dissatisfaction with cinnamon M&M’s, I’ve had chocolate and cinnamon on the mind, so I decided to make these flourless Mexican hot chocolate cookies!  So soft they literally melt in your mouth… chock full of quality cocoa, subtly spiced with cinnamon and (optional!) chile powder… yes, they are as good as they sound.  Best served with a cup of… Mexican hot chocolate!

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